Reception - valve corporation

Anatomy of Bodies in Motion at Valve

I am recently back from a short trip to the West Coast and had an afternoon in Seattle to drop into Valve to show off the latest developments on Bodies in Motion. Valve, of course, are the legendary game developers behind hits like Half-Life and Portal, creators and maintainers of the ubiquitous Steam digital distribution platform, and development partners on the HTC Vive VR headset.

It was great to get the website and images out in public for the first time. Over a few hours we had a random walk through the Bodies in Motion content and I gave an anatomy lecture based on a few of the amazing figures in the library. Some of my notes from the session are below. A couple of the featured athletes were from the Aerial category, the motion sets “Male Straps” and “Male Hoop”. Both sets are amazing collections of anatomy reference, well worth studying!

Collection of anatomy notes from Scott Eaton's Anatomy of Bodies in Motion lecture at Valve Corporation