Bodies in Motion IV: aerial

For Bodies in Motion IV we wanted to capture artists, athletes and performers off the ground - not jumping but hanging, climbing, and spinning. There is so much anatomy on view when the upper body is 'hanging on' for dear life.  In this case we had amazingly talented and experienced performers who weren't hanging on for dear life, but making it look easy and elegant. 

We hired an aerial gynamsium (with 10m ceilings and a beautifully white back wall) in south London for a weekend and shot non-stop for the two days. To light such a huge space, and shoot at 12-15 frames per second, we had to enlist some serious equipment. For equipment nerds out there, we had 4x Broncolor Scoro 3200 packs running our flashes and a 2m parabolic reflector to shape our key light.  More on this in a future post in the meantime enjoy a few images from the shoot. There are many more that can be found in the Gallery, with links through to all the motions sets these images are from. Behind the scenes footage to follow.