BiM IV: behind-the-scenes, aerial hoop

July 22, 2015 / Behind-The-Scenes

A few behind-the-scenes shots with Benji on Aerial Hoop. Big lights, big space, and big talent. Have a browse through all his Aerial Hoop motions. Ali applying the oil, someone's got to do it Scott delivering model instructions our monster parabolic in the upper right image with parabolic light only same pose but with[…]

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Bodies in Motion IV: aerial

July 20, 2015 / New and Noteworthy

For Bodies in Motion IV we wanted to capture artists, athletes and performers off the ground – not jumping but hanging, climbing, and spinning. There is so much anatomy on view when the upper body is ‘hanging on’ for dear life.  In this case we had amazingly talented and experienced performers who weren’t hanging[…]

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Kung Fu Chain Whip

May 20, 2015 / New and Noteworthy

It is difficult to choose the most impressive thing I saw at BiM 3 – there was gravity defying handbalancing, hyperbolic Cyr wheel, Karate, and world-class breakdancing. The thing that wins though is the terrifying sound the Kung Fu chain whip makes when spinning at full speed. Honestly it sounds like a jet turbine.[…]

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BiM III: behind-the-scenes

May 18, 2015 / Behind-The-Scenes

Lots of fun was had at the studio in London for Bodies in Motion III. Tons of talent, a relaxed atmosphere, and fine weather made it a great weekend to shoot. We didn’t have an official behind-the-scenes videographer on this shoot, so a collection of phone cameras made up the difference. A few of[…]

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Bodies in Motion III

May 16, 2015 / New and Noteworthy

We are just back from a busy weekend shoot with a handful of amazing artists and performers. This shoot had a great group of talented circus performers (many ex-Cirque du Soleil, the global standard of excellence for circus performers) plus martial artists and breakdancers.  A few of the most impressive performances were hand balancing by Reuben[…]

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